The International Triangle programme is a Master's programme that educates the global leaders of the future by providing culturally diverse academic and applied experiences through combining the strengths of the best institutions on three continents.

The programme comes to life through a strategic master education alliance where education, research and practice meet in three different international learning environments.

Students enrolled in the International Triangle programme start their studies at their home university/school (i.e. the school they formally applied to and which they were admitted to). During the first part of their study programme students take courses and participate in a corporate experience project as indicated in the specific International Triangle programme outline at their home university/school. After this first part students travel to one of the International Triangle partner universities/schools to continue their International Triangle programme. Again students enrol in courses and a corporate experience project at this International partner university/school. The final part of the programme again takes place at another International Triangle partner university/school where students enrol in courses and a third corporate experience project. Students may have to finalize their International Triangle Programme by writing and defending a Master thesis (providing this is a specific requirement of their home school). Only after successful completion of all programme parts at each International Triangle partner students will be awarded the International Triangle certificate. Please note that each International Triangle partner university/school offers different tracks that students can apply for, the specific admission requirements differ per partner university/school as well.

This website provides you with all general information you need about the programme and its Triangle partners. Enthusiastic? Apply for the International Triangle programme at your host university and choose the track that fits your preferences.



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