Name: Vera Aldenhuijsen
Nationality: Dutch
Home university: Maastricht University
Path: International Business Organisations: Management, Change & Consultancy
Current occupation: Junior Consultant
Graduation date: 31st of January 2015

The International Triangle Programme has so far been the most amazing 1,5 years of my life. Having to adapt to two totally different cities (Hong Kong and Lisbon in my case), making friends for life in only a short period of time and getting used to different teaching systems are only a few of the challenges that became natural during the course of the programme.

What makes this programme unique is the applied experience by doing a consulting project in every location, on top of the normal courses at the University. These projects brought me a lot of practical knowledge and insights in consultancy work – in a way you will never get from a mere theoretical study. It confirmed even more my aspiration to work in consulting.

Of course, this adventure also brings a challenge. Having to write the master thesis abroad, next to the normal course work while adapting to a new environment, does require some planning skills and discipline. Moreover, being flexible and able to adapt to changing environments are a must as things abroad will not always go as planned.

I feel this programme is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: you get to travel around, meet lots of new people and establish a great international (business) network while gaining valuable experiences from working in diverse teams and different teaching styles. The Triangle Programme for me was the best way to finish studying International Business because it gives both international experience and business practice. If you are looking for a ‘cherry on the cake’ kind of master, this is the programme for you! 



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